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I am a short term member of NAFE (Less than one year). But from day one, I have been made to feel special and supported. Women helping women is the concept, and that comes across at each and every meeting.

Robbie Motter works tirelessly in assuring wonderful meetings and networking opportunities.I am proud to call myself a member.
Kimberly Henninger, Manager, Global Accounts, Helms Briscoe
It means everything to me.. I was a recluse after 15 years of being in the public eye, being an Entertainer. Then I had breast cancer, I had complications, skin grafts, numerous surgeries. then 11 months later I discovered that I had brain tumor, having lots of treatments. To me, 'my life was over" I was just waiting to fade away..Then one day I met Robbie Motter Global Coordinator for Nafe.She encouraged me to join this group of ladies in business. I was wondering why? I have nothing to offer, I then discovered that it's all about women with "heart" encouraging each other no matter what you do or not do. we can just sit and listen or share our experiences in life. I also learn a lot from their main speakers a different topic every month.

To me Nafe is a Life saver it gives me a New Lease on life. I now have a lot to share with my " sisters" and most of all I learn a lot from them.

Thank you for the opportunity NAFE.

 Nicole Farrell,FRENCHNOTE ENTERTAINMENT. Ambassador Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce, Menifee/Sun City Women's Club ,Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center -Survivor- Public Relation,Member National Association of Female Entrepreneur, Menifee & Murrieta Buzz Entertainment Reporter
 Holding 30 Year DOD Plaque- Gloria Hill Nafe Women in Networking, Indianapolis, Indiana says "NAFE/WIN is a professional women's organization that educates, trains, mentors, and gives women opportunities to venture out into the business
world. It is life-standing in the community where it provides food and clothing to homeless people throughout the community to include homeless Veterans. It's a great networking and volunteer resource, and also takes members where they may not have the opportunity to serve and meet people from various background and statue. As the NAFE/WIN Membership Chairperson,
I have recruited numerous members over the past 15 years. Some have retired
and are still members, and some have moved on to other places. It is a
rewarding opportunity especially in helping others to reach their goals
(personally and professionally)."
Mary Aurtrey Director of Nafe Win says "Gloria has done an outstanding job throughout her tenure with NAFE/WIN. As the first and only Chairperson for NAFE/WIN, she has conducted
Membership Drives, assisted with Food, Clothing, Linen, and Toiletry Drives to help causes in the community. She recruits members and ensure that they renew their membership when it is time. She keeps membership records for each member. Gloria is a U.S. Army Veteran, an Accountant, and is the recipient of several Financial Management Certifications. She serves hot
meals to homeless Veterans, and provides information to them, whenever
needed. She also helps the organization at other events such as conferences
and conducts membership business. She is also a very valuable asset to NAFE/Women In Networking. 
NAFE means so much to me- especially at this time in my life. While I am very involved in my career conducting psychotherapy and critical incident stress debriefing, I have other passions such as "Ring Shui" and connecting with other women for mutual empowerment, support, and colleaguial friendship. Joining NAFE has brought me all that and so much more.

 With people like Robbie Motter, Joan Wakeland, and a growing number of others, NAFE has helped me keep my dreams alive in such a way that I get out there and connect with people meeting mutual interests and needs- and doing it all from the heart in a way that I consistently come home to what really matters- compassion, love, caring, and wanting to serve those I am growing to care about, while have so much more fun than I ever expected to be having with people I met through an association.

 I also get real life help through meeting others at NAFE, such as money matters, insurance, and tending to what is more and more important as I am growing older. I feel I belong, and I matter to those at NAFE.  

And all this includes supporting me to continue to show up and get out there consistently over time, when I might have normally done this for a while and gone back to my old structure and habits of being too "busy" to get "too" involved.- I am glad to know I have NAFE for life!--Thank you all! Barbara Berg, Clinical Social Worker
​What Nafe Means to Ana Delgadillo, Riverside Nafe member

Through the mist of depression, insecurity, and self doubt was a new awakening. NAFE has opened doors of new beginnings and believe within; new exposures and professionalism has empowered me to continue striving for a greater cause. I came to learn that I am surrounded by a lot of professional women that face the same day to day challenges as myself. NAFE has built confidence and it has allowed me to be the woman that I am today. Now, I can carry a conversation without having to feel ashamed, embarrassed, or even dumb. It is a place where I can confide in other women. It is place where I gain interest and knowledge from my NAFE friends. 

As for the business side, I have been able to grow and stretch my level of thinking. NAFE has provided me with the adequate sources that has giving me the ability to grow my business in a healthy manner. The speakers and the workshops, have been molding me into a great leader. I thank Joan Wakeland, Nafe director for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing organization. My persona and my business wouldn't be where it is today if it was not for NAFE and its great leaders.

What Nafe means to me.....Angela Covany

 Nafe truly seems to embody the empowerment of women. Each member adding their own strengths and unique life experience to the team.

Nafe is a collective of fantastic heart centered women really helping one another personally and professionally by inspiring ideas with each other.

 I felt very welcomed and excited to be a part of Nafe at my first meeting. I felt the same acceptance at my second meeting. Unlike any other group or association I have ever been a part of Nafe feels much more like a family or a group of friends I have been searching for.

  I am honored to be a new member of such a collective group of wonderful, Intelligent and prestigious women. I am looking very forward to many enjoyable times together and being of service offering friendship to others within the group and community.

Angela Covany 
I didn't realize how afraid I had been to sit up front until I connected with Women of NAFE. I have learned so very much from many mentors. Just to mention, Robbie Motter, who helped me realize how to ask for what I need. Joan Wakeland helped me realize to step out on my own Faith. I can't hang on her apron string forever. And Barbara Berg, helped me to smile again. She helped me realize it's ok to laugh at past hurts sometimes. "Honey, life is to short to crawl up in a ball and die". At this time in my life, I have been so blessed to be part of group of intelligent powerful women. Being a member of NAFE has helped me believe more strongly one of my favorite scriptures. " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I now have my own hastag. #goingplacesfollowvivian.
Thank you Robbie....Vivian Haire, Director Rancho Cucamona Nafe,
“To me, NAFE and Robbie Motter are synonymous. I was given my first leadership opportunity with NAFE as a Chapter Director of For You Network many years ago, and soon I will again step into the role as a Nafe Director for the San Fernando Valley. It has instilled courage in me to speak up, stand up and be counted and counted upon. I’ve made some amazing connections through this organization. I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you so much Robbie for always being in my corner and lifting me up. “ Carol Pilkington, Spiritual Teacher/Astrological Counselor

Nafe has brought to me the women with heart. I have met all of my friends at Nafe. The women of Nafe are great entrepreneurs and executives. 
I stepped up to be the Central Orange County Nafe Director because I love to conduct my meeting with great women and fantastic speakers. And I tell everyone I meet how great Nafe is. Nafe is the largest women's organization and as we work on getting women to join Nafe it will grow. Thank you Robbie for trusting me to run my meeting and you are spectacular as the National Association of Female Executives/Entrepreneurs Global Coordinator. Sheila A Caruso, AVON Independent Representative

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Donna Petri- Financial Service Professional, Indianapolis, Indiana

says “I joined NAFE-Women in Networking to further my networking opportunities to expand my financial services practice. But it is so much more. Connections, Community, and Causes. What started out as a somewhat self-interest endeavor has turned into an altruistic mission. Helping other women connect, achieve their goals and working with them to better our community has been so rewarding. I am looking forward to helping our organization grow and assisting in recruiting more members. I like that our organization’s membership consists of a wide range of women in various stages of our lives. The diversity helps each of us gain a better prospective and enriches our understanding of others.  

Mary Aurtrey Nafe Women in Networking in Indianapolis, Indiana says " Donna has been an inspiration and an invaluable asset to NAFE/Women In Networking. Donna volunteered to be our Treasurer. Donna, thru her point of contact, ensured that our organization became 501(c)(3). Thru Donna’s connections with the local Chamber of Commerce, she assisted NAFE/WIN to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Donna’s focus has been to continue to assist our organization and members so we may continue to build our organization and assist our community, Donna Petri, Financial Service Professional,WestPoint Financial Group,

Suzie Mierzwick, Alternative Health Care/Lifewave Distributor
I have been a member of NAFE for about three years. It was the first network group that I joined after I retired from my teaching career. I wanted to belong to a group of like-minded business women with whom I could network with my Lifewave business,I found so much more. Thanks to Robbie Motter, the NAFE Director,I learned to have more confidence in making presentations. I was encouraged to go out and try new endeavors like being in a fashion show, and volunteering at various organizations within the community. I learned how to appreciate the gifts that each of us have- no matter how different and varied our journey. I learned to embrace new experiences whenever they turned up- even those I didn’t think were “my thing” NAFE makes me feel like I belong to the world and I have a place that is valuable and appreciated. Thank you Robbie for encouraging us all to be our best- We love you